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ERC Contract Address:

  • Price: $0.0005
  • Market Cap: $5000
  • Launch Date: 16/08/2021


The ERON PROJECT is a charity project created in order to provide the most basic human standards such as purified water, electricity and gas to people in poor areas.
This project was established in order to identify poor areas and to build utility networks or extensions into such areas. In order to achieve our goals in the most effective way, we have established our platforms and applications as fully decentralized.
Our project contains several components:

ERON PROJECT – the website of the entire project
ERON TOKEN – the digital asset
ERON SCAN – the website for ERON transaction indexing
ERON MINER – the mining application
BLUEMONITOR – current app for user monitoring of utility costs

ERON MARKET – future marketplace of the project
ERON PAY – future payment processor of the project
ERON WALLET – future cryptocurrency wallet of the project

ERON is a Ethereum based token that runs on its own nodes developed on the Ethereum & Web3 blockchain, using the GO implementation of Ethereum, the GETH platform. This relies on a boot node that allows the connection of other nodes within the blockchain. In time, more virtual machines can be connected to the boot node in order to facilitate the validation mechanism for blockchain transactions, but also to offer API to verify transaction hashes, transfers, deployments of Smart Contracts, aso. For the moment there is a published boot node on a AWS server and 2 nodes that will be connected to the boot node. All servers will run Linux and will be protected by a datacenter firewall, as well as an operating system firewall. Currently the network is private and, in the future, the virtual machine can be downloaded in order to start decentralizing it.

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